Solo Ads資源(7)

Solo Ads通常是一個已經建立好郵件名單的平台或經紀人,將其廣告出售給有需要的人。

比如說你今天想打一個CB商品的廣告,或是想用名單蒐集頁名單,但是做SEO太慢,做Adwords廣告又太貴,這時候就可以找Solo Ads代發廣告。通常Solo Ads都是依開信率或點擊率付費的。




Solo Ad Providers For Internet Marketing/Biz-opp/Make Money Online niches:

Provider Sales Page/Contact Info
Alan Magliocca (highly recommended) skype: alanmag9
Robert Phillips (highly recommended)
Cheryl Magliocca (highly recommended) cheryl.magliocca
Denis Pippin Buy From
Kevin Hyatt
Heimir Finnson
Miranda Hyatt
Cal Champlin
Paul Dang Skype – pauldangbusiness
Glenn Barnhart glen.barnhart1
Keith Hyatt
Wayne Dobson
Calin Meunier
Chris Jenkins chris.a.jenkins
Kelvin Nikkel
Vincent Inter skype: intermarketexpert
Kevin Fahey
Brian Castro
Oliver Bowen
Michael E
Igor Kheifets
Nicholas Penrake skype: nic.penrake
Thomas Haugen
Bryan T
Simon Fusco


Traffic Sources For Other Niches: — PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THESE – I spent a lot of time and testing finding solid advertising sources in other niches – if you share these with too many people, they may stop being as effective!


Provider Sales Page/Contact Info
Arcamax – ideal for health, fitness, relationships and sports.
Health and Yoga (both lifestyle, and health related stuff do VERY well in this place)
Newsmax (EXTREMELY responsive list – but expensive – very good for political content, health content, and fitness)
Spavelous – high end spa/health related readers [email protected]
Healthcare PROFESSIONALS (not consumers) – ideal for high-ticket offline marketing in paticular!
SelfGrowth Newsletters – EXTREMELY targeted towards natural health and cures.